I am a Ph.D. student in Computer Science and a software developer. I work in varous languages, mainly Python, C/C++/Obj-C, Javascript and PHP. However, I still don't consider myself a Pythonista as opposed to a Rubyist. I love Ruby, and I do the occasional parsing job in it. I used to always be in one of the camps, as a C++ coder I would go "Java? Bleh." However, today I love Java, probably even more so than C++, actually. The point is that I try not to develop irrational emotions about programming languages, and thus hope to be open to aspects of all of them.

Because of this ambition to value aspects of many different programming languages, this blog will be all over the place and probably include many different languages. That's okay though, since it's not really targeted at anyone except the future me. I keep this blog to document information I come across, so that I can go back to it later. It is of course my pleasure if it's useful for anyone else, although I won't hold my breath.

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